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Where are you from?


James : Hello.

Lisa : Hi.

James : How are you?

Lisa : I’m good. How are you?

James : Good. Do you speak English?

Lisa : A little. Are you American?

James : Yes.

Lisa : Where are you from?

James : I’m from California.

Lisa : Nice to meet you.

James : Nice to meet you too.


Which city do you belong to?

Nathan : Hey Joy!

Joy : Hey Nathan.

Nathan : I have never asked you before but what’s your hometown?

Joy : My hometown is Washington.

Nathan : I belong to New Jersey.

Joy : Oh cool! I like New Jersey.

What Country are you from?

(Please give the party of Yuki to an asian girl)

Garry : Hey Yuki. How are you?

Yuki : Hi Garry. I’m good. How about you?

Garry: I’m just fine.

Yuki : Okay.

Garry : Sorry to bother you but which country are you from?

Yuki : No, it’s okay. I am from Japan.

Garry : Okay. Where in Japan?

Yuki : I am from Tokyo. You’re from The States, right?

Garry : No, no. I am from Toronto, Canada.

Yuki : Okay, nice! You seem like you are from The States.

Garry : Yeah. Well there isn’t a lot of difference you know.

Yuki : Yes. I agree.

Are you from Hawaii?

Joy: Hey Leo! Are you from Hawaii?

Leonard: Yes. I was born and brought up in Hawaii.

Joy: Okay.

Leonard: Are you from Hawaii too?

Joy: No. I am from Washington Dc. I’ve come here to work.

Leonard: Okay. So were you born and brought up in Washington Dc?

Joy: Yes, indeed.

Leonard: Okay. Cool!



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