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W hotelu



Receptionist: Good afternoon. Welcome to the Grand Hotel. How may I help you?

Guest: Hello, I have a reservation. It’s under the name of Nowak.

Receptionist: Can you spell your name, please?

Guest: Certainly. N-O-W-A-K

Receptionist: Thank you. A single room for two nights. Is that correct?

Guest: That’s right. Can I have a room with a view of the ocean?

Receptionist: Let me check… Yes, we’ve got one room available.

Guest: Perfect. How much is the charge per night?

Receptionist: It’s 30 euros.

Guest: I see. What’s included in the cost of accommodation?

Receptionist: A buffet breakfast, a free airport shuttle, a car park and if you need, you can use a hotel safe.

Guest: OK. What time do you serve breakfast and other meals?

Receptionist: You can eat breakfast in the lobby from 8 till 10 a.m., dinner from 1 to 3 p.m. and we also serve supper from 6 – 8 p.m. but it’s not included in the price.

Guest: That’s OK. What will I have in my room?

Receptionist: We provide air-conditioning, an en-suite bathroom, a wake-up call. What’s more, you can use a mini-bar at an additional charge. If you need extra towels or pillows, just call the reception desk.

Guest: Fine. What room am I in?

Receptionist: Room 329. Here’s the key. To get to the room, take the lift up to the third floor. I’ll ask our bellboy to bring your suitcases so you can leave them here. Before you make your way to the room, sign this form, please.

Guest: There you go. Thanks.

Receptionist: If you have any special requests, dial #1 from your room. Enjoy your stay at the Grand Hotel.

Guest: Thank you. See you.



It’s under the name of – na nazwisko …

Can you spell your name, please? – Proszę przeliterować nazwisko

Certainly – oczywiście

a single/double room – pokój jednoosobowy/dwuosobowy

Is that correct? – Zgadza się?

a room with a view of the ocean – pokój z widokiem na ocean

Let me check – sprawdzę

available – dostępny

How much is the charge per night? – Ile kosztuje noc?

What’s included in the cost of accommodation? – Co jest wliczone w koszt zakwaterowania?

a buffet breakfast – śniadanie w formie stołu szwedzkiego

an airport shuttle – autobus wahadłowy na lotnisko

serve – podawać

a lobby – hol hotelowy

air-conditioning – klimatyzacja

an en-suite bathroom – prywatna łazienka

a wake-up call – budzenie telefoniczne

at an additional charge – za dodatkową opłatą

an extra towel – dodatkowy ręcznik

a pillow – poduszka

take the lift – wsiąść do windy

a bellboy – boy hotelowy

make one’s way to the room – udać się do pokoju

sign a form – podpisać formularz

If you have any special requests, dial … – jeśli ma Pan jakiekolwiek specjalne życzenia, proszę wykręcić nr …

Enjoy your stay – miłego pobytu