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Small Talk – o czym by tu pogadać?




Kind of chilly this morning, isn’t it?
What a beautiful morning. A bit windy, but beautiful.
It’s never that hot at this time of the year.
It’s been raining for weeks. Is this never going to end?
How did you spend the weekend? Did you do anything special?
How was your weekend?

A: How’s Carol doing? I haven’t seen her for ages.
B: Oh, she’s fine. Just got a job with the Unilever.
A: That’s great news. We should get together one of these days. Annie would love to see you both, too.
B: Sure. That’d be great. …
How are the kids?
Give my regards to your husband.
Why don’t you come over for dinner one of these days?

A: Did you see the game last night?
B: No, I missed it. Was it a good game?

A: Have you seen the Corpse Bride? We went to see it last night.
B: How was it?
A: Mark thought it was hilarious, but I was a bit disappointed.
You should definitely go for it.
You must see that!

Have you heard? Monica is getting married.
Don’t tell anyone, but apparently Jennifer is going to be promoted.


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