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Jak się przedstawić? Greetings and Introduction




Hello, …/ Hi, …
Good morning/ afternoon/ evening.
Good/ Nice to see you again.
I’m glad/ happy/ pleased to see you.
How are you? – Fine, thanks. And you?
How have you been? – Very well. And you?
How are things? – Not too bad, thanks.
How is your girlfriend? – She’s fine.

Introducing oneself
Can/ May I introduce myself? My name’s Peter.
Let me introduce myself. My name’s … .
I’d like to introduce myself. I’m … .
I don’t think we’ve met. I’m … .
Introducing someone else
Can/ May I introduce a good friend of mine? This is … .
Have you met … ?
I’d like you to meet … .
I want you to meet … .
Making contact
Excuse me, are you Mrs … ? – Yes, that’s right.
Hello, you must be Mrs … .
You are Mr …, aren’t you?
Have we met?
How do you do? – How do you do?
Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you, too.
Please, call me … . – Then you must call me … .

Good bye/ Bye/ I’ll say good bye/ See you later/ See you soon.
I must go now.

I (really) must be going.

I must be off.
I’m afraid I’ve got to go.
It’s getting (very/ rather) late.
I’ll miss my train.
They’re calling my flight.
I’ve got some things to prepare for … .
I’ve got a lot to do this afternoon.
I want to get away before the traffic gets too bad.
I’ve enjoyed talking to you.
It’s been (most) interesting talking to you.
It’s been a very useful meeting/ nice afternoon.
Thanks for everything.
Thank you for (all) your help.
Thank you for coming.
Have a good/ safe trip/ flight. – Thank you … (same to you).
Have a good weekend. – Same to you.
Enjoy the rest of your stay. – Same to you.
It was nice meeting you. – I really enjoyed meeting you, too.
I hope to see you again. – I hope so, too.
See you on the 13th. – See you.
I look forward to our next meeting.
I look forward to seeing you again.
I look forward to seeing you when you’re next in London.