Dear Santa…




Już niedługo Mikołajki. Listy napisane? Jeśli nie, mam dla was małą niespodziankę i garść pomysłów jak to zrobić!

Najpierw przeczytajcie,co napisał do was sam Święty Mikołaj prosto z Laponii!

„Santa is extremely busy at the North Pole, making sure all the presents, including yours, are ready and wrapped for Christmas Eve.

It’s a very exciting time for all; Rudolph and Santa can’t wait to land at your home with all your gifts. Rudolph is especially looking forward to eating the carrots you kindly leave and maybe a mince pie for Santa…

To ensure Santa receives your letter on time please can you send to the following address:

Santa/Father Christmas,

Santa’s Grotto,

Santa will respond to as many letters as possible, in between getting the sleigh ready for the long journey on Christmas Eve.

To receive your card back from Santa, please make sure you write to him using the correct address on a stamped envelope. Don’t forget Santa needs to know your full name and address to reply.

Santa is happy to receive your cards and letters now but because of a very busy Xmas ahead could you please write to him by no later than Saturday 6th December.

Be good and enjoy your holidays,




A teraz zabierajcie się do pracy!


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