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Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day, or Mothering Sunday as it is more traditionally known, is an annual celebration where families up and down the UK pay tribute to the role mums play in their lives, giving thanks for everything they do. Similar celebrations also take place around the world but not necessarily on the same day.

In Britain the date of Mother’s Day itself is not fixed but it always falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent, which this year is on March 30. The date varies as it depends on when Easter is.


One of the biggest traditions these days on Mother’s Day is giving flowers. Mums around the world are often treated to bouquets of their favourites by sons and daughters showing their appreciation. In centuries gone by children picked their own flowers to give to their mothers or decorate the local church for Mothering Sunday services.

These days florists and shops specialise in preparing lavish and colourful arrangements of Mother’s Day flowers which can be delivered around the country, with many florists opening on the Sunday itself to carry out extra deliveries in order to meet the demand. Bouquets can be personalised as well with a thoughtful card or by choosing mum’s favourite colours to make up the bunch.


Other gifts are popular too for celebrating Mother’s Day, including boxes of chocolates, framed family photographs, pampering products or handmade presents from the kids. Millions of Mother’s Day cards are also sent every year, whether delivered by hand or posted home by those who can’t make it to spend the day with their beloved mums. But the other thing that many mother’s really relish about their special day is simply being able to relax while they are spoiled and looked after all day long. (http://www.followuk.co.uk/)

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